Living room with wooden table and armchair, 3d rendering

Dolphin and Asthma

Hot and humid weather has become a breeding ground for a variety of mites, thus, people of all age groups are dealing with asthma, allergies and other problems. Through our marketing efforts, during the cleaning process, customers will personally observe the level of pollution within their homes. They will also observe that the pillows and mattresses they use every day actually have so much dust accumulated within them. Dust mites feed on our dead skins and live in huge amounts within the dust of our pillows and mattresses. In one gram of the dust from the mattress, there will be thousands of dust mites. And one mattress can accumulate up to 5 million dust mites. Many customers, after they personally see and experience the effectiveness of Dolphin product, purchase a machine, or engage Dolphin cleaning services. Today, we are glad to see that many that used Dolphin to clean their home regularly, have reduced asthma and allergy attacks.