Regarding Immunity

Covid-19, H1N1 and other pandemic are very scary. However, we can notice that sometimes, when an infected person eats with a bunch of people. Some people will get infected, but some don’t, and why is that so? This is tightly linked to each of our own immune systems.

How to strengthen our immune system? The best way to strengthen own immune system is to eat well, sleep well, and maintain a good mood. In the aspen of eating, we need to pay attention to eating less processed food, eating less food with chemicals, not eating food that has turned bad or moldy. And make sure we have a balance of different nutrition. And that’s it.

However, sleeping well is an important element, and the sleeping environment plays an important role in this part. And with that, the cleanliness of the air, mattress, pillow, air conditioner, curtain, floor, etc in the room is very important. Dolphin is definitely a good helper, it can help you to clean your sleeping environment. To strengthen your immune system, your mental wellbeing has to be good too. Many people think that emotion and mood rely on self-regulation. Self-regulation is important, but it still has to do with the quality of our sleep.

To put it simply, as long as your sleep well, sleep comfortably, your mood will get better. For example, the way a baby, who can’t talk, has a very direct way to express his emotions, which is laugh or cry. Babies cry when they are sick, hungry and when diapers are wet. And a very important aspect is, he will cry even more if he is not having a good sleep.

We adults, on the other hand, can control and hide our emotions. We don't cry when we don't sleep well. But our mood can get bad easily and might even throw tantrums when we don’t sleep well. We may not be able to concentrate during work or school. Relatively, it makes our immune system weaker. Therefore, to sleep well and to have a good mood, having Dolphin is very important.