Why does Dolphin Provide free cleaning and demonstrations at home?

Shopping, both instore or online is part of our life. Many people buy products after getting attracted by the commercials. But after using them, they may realize the product is not suitable for them. Dolphin uses a different approach, we hold events at places like shopping malls and provides a free trial for customers who are interested in our product or services. During the free cleaning and product demonstration, customers will be able to understand the usage and actual effects of our products as well as having hands-on experience using the product.

If customers feel that our product and service are effective, they can choose to engage our service on a regular basis, ($60/month onwards) or purchase our product. Scan the QR code below to register for our free trial!


Experience first before bringing Dolphin back Home!

Invite us to clean (1st time free) your mattress thoroughly for you and your kids. When we are doing the cleaning service and product demonstration, you have to be present to watch the whole process. Because by doing so, you will learn how amazing Dolphin is. We truly believe, be it now, or in the future, you will become one of our esteemed customers! Scan and register now for the free trial!